Art Review

The Friday Painter goes to Harrogate

Title of exhibition: The Magical Hebrides and Argyll

Artist: Dr John Lowrie Morrison OBE

Big Storm Passing, Scalpay Lighthouse, Harris, Oil 30 x 30 in’

Hi welcome to my blog and my first in a series of ongoing art reviews.

My first review is the artwork of JOLOMO or to give him his full title ‘Dr John Lowrie Morrison OBE.' I first came across Morrison’s work when I randomly visited Walker’s gallery In Harrogate. I remember entering the gallery and immediately been drawn to the most mesmerising piece of art work I had encountered in a long time, so when I heard Morrison was having an exhibition there, I didn’t hesitate in returning. I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

On opening the door I immediately felt a presence of energy and light throughout the gallery that Morrison’s work omits, which I personally find spellbinding. In this exhibition we see Morrison’s love and passion for the Scottish landscape transcends into his paintings, a gift indeed! Being spoilt for choice, I literally could have chosen any piece to write about, but choose the one above titled ‘Big Storm Passing, Scalpay Lighthouse, Harris, Oil 30 x 30 in.’

Morrison’s work explodes with colour, feeling dynamic and uplifting in this current climate of doom and despondency. He works in a bold, vibrant colourful palette where we see Morrison employing fast energetic, almost frenzy like brushstrokes, with paint applied thickly against calm controlled skies conjuring up an atmospheric seascape of an approaching storm. With touches of brush marks, we see cliffs emerge from out of the sea like a cathedral from a lost ancient city, with a lighthouse perched on top, a beacon of light and hope. His work encapsulates a light and energy that is joyous to view and experience.

I also loved the fact that a book of his work at Walker’s gallery had paintings and pictures from his early childhood and university years, it was a wonderful touch which made the whole experience more personal.

It is easy to see why Morrison has become one of Scotland’s most successful and most loved artists. He captures the raw beauty and energy of nature that permeates the Scottish landscape onto canvas, which feels like an alive living landscape, somewhere I want to visit and experience more of! When a work of art has that magic ingredient it isn’t always easy to define in words, but his work speaks for itself and hopefully I have given an insight into Morrison’s magical world of Scottish landscapes, for indeed they are magical!

Further information - I saw Morrison’s exhibition at the Walker gallery in Harrogate which was held from 17th September to 1st October 2022 which has sadly ended but still available to view online here. However the good news is you can still see his latest exhibition at @glasgowgallery with more than 30 new paintings works on display right now until 24th December 2022, with the added bonus of the Glasgow Christmas fair!

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